Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ersilia - Interior Angle Shot

My interior angle shot of my chosen city: Ersilia. 

My interior angle features the remains of an attic of some kind, an old house. Lived in by a wealthy family with a wealth of relationships. As the inhabitants of Ersilia moved on so did this family yet they couldn't bear to see their loving home destroyed and taken down so they left it there to decay. The friendships and communities they formed however did not decay and stayed and even though some friendships wilted and died most of their relations remain intact, prehaps as if the inhabitants are going to return one day and live in their house again.

My first ideas was to create a whole enclosed wooden attic but that didn't feel close to the source material and I also had problems forming the string around it. My second idea was similar but instead I would make more of the structure out of string; planks of wood and beams would've been made out of string, however when trying to draw this the problems about how it would work and, once again, faithfulness to the source material also made me drop this idea. 

My last and chosen idea was to make the attic big and open and put string attached to the objects within it as if to symbolise the relationships.

Figure 1
This figure features the finished picture along with the black skeleton I created at the start to map out the picture and guide paint strokes and objects. The skeleton is very different in both perspective and ideas, I thought about putting a tent made of string into the attic as some kind of hideaway and also having plumbing valves in the background with light shining into the attic but it didn't seem "stringy" enough.

Figure 2
This is the complete picture without any modifications. I am quite pleased with the outcome, I like the colours and semi-realistic design that I have created. 

I wanted to highlight this feeling of decay so I chose some old, browny/grey colours on the wood and beams. The blue wood was meant to be reminiscent of happiness and life, symbolic of this idea of a "family home", I used red colours for the string to make it stand out and also make it feel strong and lively. The grey string represents the relationships that are dying or have died as some of the grey string is dead. 

The sun is quite dull, I didn't want the scene to be greatly happy or lively. A white/yellow sky also helped the darker and obscure mould colours stand out a bit.

The strange dark, rectangular objects poking out of the sides of the screen are meant to be wooden beams, I wanted to make it look like the viewer is actually in the attic looking over it. I had initially wanted to draw a door but at the size of the canvas that became too difficult.

Figure 3
This picture features the finished house but with several faint square brush blots on it, the lines for where the brush is placed on the picture are faint but noticeable. I quite like this effect, I also wanted to put more mouldy colour into the picture.

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