Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ersilia - Exterior Angle

My exterior angle shot for Ersilia.

This picture shows a view over the city, the rest of the city is suspended in the air and attached like some giant balloon by the strings and ropes as if the relationships established are holding together two large distant communities. The city is quite bleak but the occasional spurt of coloured can be seen.

My first idea was a large spider-web like place with dark holes but it would've been white the whole way around and didn't conevy the ideas I wanted. I chose instead to just build a "regular" looking city with strings as the walls and stuctures, I like the idea of making it layered and having the city climbing up a hill, that seemed more interesting

Figure 1
This is the finished picture with its skeleton placed over it, the red object to the left was meant to be the "lovers house" concept but I found that it wouldn't have given me a good overall picture of the city and so I dropped it. 

Figure 2
This is the finished picture without any modifications, unlike my other two paintings I included some fantasy in the picture with the large floating mass above the city acting as a suspended city with the strings still connecting. I found it quite difficult to portray the highly complex relationships that I had originally envisioned, it would've taken too long to do portray them so I used coloured strings instead.

Figure 3
This final picture shows off the application of my square brush idea, I believe that it works well in this picture. I hadn't intended to make this picture appear mouldy but I still wanted to try out the square brush.

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